We founded Aaro Capital to open up the Cryptoasset and DLT growth story to a wider audience via a robust and institutional quality offering.

Our Mission

  • We believe the market for Cryptoassets and DLT offers compelling opportunities for value generation.

    While, the sector remains opaque and complex to the vast majority of investors, many are wary of high levels of volatility, investment risk and operational risk.

    We believe that Aaro’s range of products provides an appropriate entry point for traditional and institutional investors, opening up an exciting new asset class by aggregating the expertise of best-in-class fund managers, asset allocators, sector experts and academics from top universities.

  • Key Objectives

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    • Capture the long-term economic value creation of Cryptoassets and DLT

    • Capitalise on short term market inefficiencies through arbitrage and tactical trading strategies

    • Capture strategic opportunities as different industries develop and implement DLT applications

    • Protect against the high volatility of the asset class using established risk management frameworks