DLT Multifund

The Aaro DLT Multifund connects investors with ground­breaking technological innovation and value generation in the DLT and cryptoasset space.

  • Our Approach

    By harnessing our expertise, network and scale, we give investors access to best-in-class managers – names that typically would otherwise be virtually impossible to discover or access.

    We focus on delivering sustainable growth and risk-adjusted returns, rather than chasing short-term gains and trends.

  • The Multifund seeks to maximise risk-adjusted returns through the use of traditional risk management practices, with a focus on managing downside risk.

    Investments are screened using a multi-stage approach. We conduct rigorous due diligence and ongoing monitoring of active fund managers subject to strict selection criteria based on AIMA best practices.

  • Ongoing portfolio construction and risk analysis work is performed, to ensure sufficient diversification within the portfolio and applications across a wide range of sectors.

    Through diversification, we provide access to the entire DLT and cryptoasset spectrum, rather than to just one specific area.

  • Our approach provides investors with a stepping stone into this exciting new asset class.

    We believe the Multifund is the perfect vehicle for large institutional funds to make an educational allocation into the sector, giving them the comfort and confidence to become increasingly active as the market matures.

The Aaro DLT Multifund is open to professional, non-US based investors seeking to invest $150,000 or more.