Introduction to Aaro Capital

At Aaro Capital, we believe distributed ledger technology and cryptoassets offer investors a once-in-a-generation opportunity set. So, we are opening up this exciting asset class to a wider audience.

The Aaro DLT Multifund provides sophisticated investors with fully regulated access to the DLT and cryptoasset growth story. It combines the expertise of best-in-class boutique fund managers, experienced asset allocators, sector experts and academics from top universities.

  • Quality

    A high-quality investment product

  • Risk Management

    A risk-managed approach to DLT and cryptoassets

  • Opportunity

    A new and exciting investment opportunity

Live Webinar Series

The Power of Portfolio Diversification in Bitcoin and Beyond

3rd June 2021, 2pm BST


In the seventh Session of our Webinar Series, in Partnership with TOBAM, we explore the benefits and methods of using DLT and Cryptoassets to diversify traditional investment portfolios.


Aaro Capital's CIO, Ankush Jain, and Yves Choueifaty, President & Chief Investment Officer at TOBAM, examine the investment case for Bitcoin and its use as a unique diversifier, as well as portfolio diversification beyond Bitcoin: DLT & Cryptoassets. 

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