Educational Materials

Our international network of academics and sector experts from across the DLT and cryptoasset spectrum generate high quality research and has deep economic understanding that few others in this space possess.

These papers provide a detailed overview of the economic fundamentals underpinning the long term DLT and cryptoasset growth story.

  • Introductory Guide to DLT and Cryptoassets

    Our ‘Introductory Guide to DLT and Cryptoassets’ provides a short but useful guide, to assist in the understanding of DLT and Crypto, as well as a reference point and terms glossary.

  • A Primer on the Economic Aspects of DLT and Cryptoassets

    This paper provides a primer on DLT data architecture, decentralised DLT governance, forms of cryptoassets and how these innovations together provide unique economic benefits.

  • An Introduction to Distributed Ledger Technology

    This paper outlines the core economic advantages of distributed ledgers, key enterprise DLT use cases, the economic design of permissionless ledgers and DLT’s various stages of development.

  • An Introduction to Crypto's Near Money Characteristics

    This paper outlines the development of the modern monetary system, various forms of cryptoassets, the money-like characteristics of cryptocurrencies and possible routes to widespread cryptocurrency acceptance.

  • An Introduction to Web 3.0

    This paper provides an overview of the economics of decentralised applications, how different token types add value, the efficiency gains of true web-based payments and the economics of decentralised markets.

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